Rapid response swallow testing,

at your resident's bedside, in 48 hours!


Swallow testing in 48 hours, right at your resident's bedside. See the FEES advantage with SDX, now covering all of New England

Skilled Nursing Facilities
Skilled Nursing Facilities
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IDDSI & FEES Synergy

​ IDDSI & FEES Synergy!

Specific IDDSI framework concepts require evaluation for inclusion on many diet levels! A FEES can directly assess specific food items including (1) regular bread products (identified as HIGH-CHOKING risk items, allowable on L7 unless otherwise recommended), (2) transitional foods & (3) mixed consistencies. ​​​


  • More than 90% of aspiration episodes occur BEFORE or AFTER​ the swallow, the stages of the swallow a FEES is most adept at viewing. (Smith, Logemann, et al, Dysphagia, 1999: 14​​​; 1-7)
  • ONLY FEES can "see" a resident eat an entire meal...this is key considering that aspiration may not occur until at least 10 trials of a liquid are swallowed! (Baijens et al, Dysphagia 2014:29; 583-590)
  • An in-color FEES actually gives a bird's-eye-view of secretions, anatomy & physiology, in contrast to the black & white x-ray taken during an MBSS (modified barium swallow study).
  • We now cover all of New England, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine!​